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    Mira hadn’t noticed the man at first, but now that she had, she stopped. She gave him a quick once over, trying to place where she thought she’d seen him before. She couldn’t quite recall where, though this wasn’t really of any concern to her. She wouldn’t have survived as long as she had if she wasn’t able to hold her own against some wiry bandit.

    "Got a starin’ problem, sweetheart?" The smirk pulling at her lips was the only real indication that she bore no ill-intent.

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    ((Okay, so, for anyone who doesn’t follow me on my Bad Maw blog, I owe an explanation ^^;

    I went on a temporary hiatus for my mental health. Buuuut I’m back now.))


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    “Six.”  Nikolai nodded, a ghost of a smile upturning the corners of his mouth, amused and bemused at Sawyer’s protest.  “Of course, volchonok.  My mistake.” 

    The nomad was about to launch into an epic retelling of bear hunting on Thurisaz 9 with his father, way back when he was a we little spark himself, perhaps, he would admit, only in part because the boy sounded genuinely excited, and part because he truly enjoyed the role of the badass, awe-inspiring uncle. 

    Deimos, had, however, been ignored for far too long, which was somewhere around ten minutes before his jealousy sent him ambling over to Sawyer on all fours, tongue lolling out of his nasty mouth like a happy skag.

    “Why?!”  He whined, easily palming the kid’s head in his huge hand, “issss none play with me?” 

    Sawyer laughed, eyes rolling up and head tilting back slightly in an attempt to look at the hand on his head.

    "You’re weird." He ducked out from under Deimos’ hand, drifting closer to Nikolai. "I was talking to Uncle Nika. You’re not s’pose to interrupt, you know. Mom says it’s not nice."

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    ((Well, Merry fucking Christmas to me.

    So, my car got stuck in my dad’s front yard because of the rain. Waited until today to try and get it out because it’s 19 degrees outside. Ground should be frozen, right? Not so much.

    Finally got it outta the yard with some help from the neighbor. While getting it out, my radiator got fucked up. Don’t know what exactly is wrong with it - I just know there’s smoke coming through the vents and it’s leaking some sort of fluid. Dad’s at work right now. Dunno if he’s even going to bother getting it fixed. If he doesn’t… I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do. I can’t see him helping me get a new car - he pretty much said fuck off in that respect when he got himself a second car instead of helping me out like he said he would. 

    Either way, I’m back at my dad’s for an indefinite amount of time. Fuck this sucks.))

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    (((Gooot bored and drew Mira. Because I can.
I am aware that there are probably hundreds of inaccuracies with the gun. I don&#8217;t claim to know a damn thing about them. Didn&#8217;t even bother to shade the damn thing &gt;.&gt;)))

    (((Gooot bored and drew Mira. Because I can.

    I am aware that there are probably hundreds of inaccuracies with the gun. I don’t claim to know a damn thing about them. Didn’t even bother to shade the damn thing >.>)))

  7. Well it wouldn’t be a quick process like that. it would also bring a chance to have other rpers come and try to comfort and help her through it. it may also bring way to a sexuality with women if you want to go that route.

    ((Oh no, I’m well aware that it would be a long recovery process. 

    Idk, considering she’d be terrified of men and most of the characters around are male. She’s been able to protect herself against potential rape several times - people have tried but she always fought them off. But if Bad Maw succeeded, her confidence in her ability to protect herself would shatter. If he could do it, who’s to say anyone else couldn’t do it?

    And she’s already pansexual - meaning she’ll have sex with anyone regardless of their gender or gender identity.

    I’m sorta thinking about doing it as an AU thing, but I don’t know how many people would be willing to participate in an AU??))

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    zeke-the-wildmutt answered: sounds like a good route to explore on the deep end part. I would really like to see how she brings herself back from it all

    ((That’s one of the things I’m worried about - that she won’t bring herself back.

    She would hit rock bottom. She’d become an alcoholic and probably addicted to Eridium. She’d be terrified of men even touching her - being surrounded by men in her camp would probably leave her paranoid. She’d neglect Sawyer - not on purpose, but she just wouldn’t want to do anything. She would possibly even hand Sawyer over to James or Nika to care for because she would realize she just wasn’t fit to do so anymore. And honestly that might just make her put a gun in her mouth.

    Of course, she’s also a strong-willed and stubborn character. She was able to push through four years without her son. Given, she developed a sex addiction in attempting to cope. I’m not entirely sure she’d view suicide as an option. And she’d never completely recover from it - just learn to cope.))

  9. phasewalkin answered: If it’s for character development, go for it. Just make sure to tag it, please?

    ((Oh most definitely. I try to tag everything. But that’s a really sensitive subject, so I’d make sure there would be trigger warnings.))

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    ((I’d like your guys’ input on something!

    I’m considering letting Bad Maw have a go at Mira. It would be noncon, and they’d both come out for the worse. Mira would end up shooting him in the dick. While Doc Mercy and health hypos would fix him up to a degree, he’d never be able to have sex ever again. Which would also mean no more rape. And honestly, with the way Bad Maw is, that’d be worse punishment than death.

    Mira, however, would go off the fucking deep end. She’d start drinking, start doing Eridium, be terrified of men even touching her, probably neglect her son and even become suicidal. She might be able to cope eventually, but it’d be a long process and I’m not 100% sure I wanna put her through that.